Thomas Tingsted Mathiesen Free DOT.NET GPS Library for NMEA data and conversion
By Thomas Tingsted Mathiesen (
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Download code: 5691, NL-302U GPS reciever
Last changes made: 20 OCT 2011

No kind of warrenty is given for this software/GPS API - use at your own risk!
Use, distribute for free.
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Main features
  • .NET class library  
  • Multithreaded and Event driven  
  • Integrated Multithreaded serialport class with events  
  • Supports data from NMEA GPGGA and GPVTG lines  
  • Retrieve a Position class with correctly formattet datatypes  
  • Convert from NMEA to Decimal, meters, knots, WGS-84 etc.  
  • Free sample application provided with sourcecode (See screendump below)

    What do you get?
  • A compiled library (dll file)
  • A test application where you can see how to use the library
  • See sourcecode from the application (PDF printout)
  • Zipped size=875 KB


    Application shows how you can get a direction and range to a target position (in direct view)
    Arrow show the direction towards the target relative to your current heading.